Make EVERYDAY Adventures!

6 Ways to Use Your MiniMeis

We all want to make the most of our everydays. We want our life to be filled with fun and laughter, and spend quality time with family and friends.

Well, that is exactly why we made the MiniMeis - to make it easier to bring your kids with you on all kinds of everyday errands. And make them into memorable everyday adventures.

Here is our take from a MiniMeis perspective - 6 ways on how to use your MiniMeis - to sprinkle some fun and cheeky cuddles into your family life.

1. Stroll your neighbourhood - make the view good

The smallest adventures are often the biggest, and kids are at their happiest when spending time with their parents. So, make sure your MiniMeis is hanging by the door and grab it whenever you're stepping outside. Use it to give your kid a ride to kindergarten or to visit a friend, the local playground or when walking your dog. You can enjoy the view together whilst strolling, and cuddle at the same time🤗



2. Shop from the top (not til you drop)

Lift your kid up and take them with you to the grocery store. You´ll have your hands free to do the shopping in no time whilst your little helper can cross off your shopping list or give you a wet kiss in your ear.



3. Make daily chores into fun activities

Daily chores around the house - it has to be done..! So why not make the best of it? Let your kid join in. With your kid on the shoulders you can easily cook, clean, vacuum or hang up clothes. And you´ll have the best company to cheer you on👏



4. Explore nature - Ride high, Touch the sky

The MiniMeis is perfect for family outdoor exploring. It allows you to reach places that might not be as accessible with a stroller. Let your little explorer get close to the wonders of nature. From the top of your shoulders - let your kid touch leaves on the trees, pick an apple or reach for the sky.



5. At the zoo - see the giraffe too

Kids love animals! Spending a weekend or a day off at your local or nearby zoo is a perfect way of introducing the animal kingdom to your little one. And with your kid comfortably riding high in the MiniMeis, no animal can hide behind fences or crowds. Your little animal lover won´t miss a thing! Go and see the “moo” … and discover how giraffes talk too…


It may not be an everyday activity, but it might be time to start planning for it…


6. Travel, let the world unravel

When plotting in your next trip, make sure to put the MiniMeis on your packing list.

Use it at the airport to keep your kid close while making your way to the gate. Put it in your backpack or hang it over your shoulder.

Make sure to always be ready to lift your little explorer up for new and fun adventures - around the world🚀🌎