The biggest challenge of sustainable living is the overproduction of consumer goods, excess shopping habits and obsoletion thereof. Longevity has been pinpointed as the single most important factor where you as a consumer can make a true difference.

MINIMEIS are making products that are meant to last and keep their mojo over time. We believe that the MINIMEIS design philosophy is inherently good in more than one way:

  • Longevity

    The most significant impacting factor on your personal environmental footprint.

    • Only buy products of proper quality
    • Buy less “crap” and unnecessary goods
    • Products should be timeless and keep their appeal also the “next season”

    Minimeis is designed and produced to outlast many childhoods, and can be passed on to your neighbours, friends, relatives, children or even grandchildren.

  • Quality

    Minimeis has an immense focus on quality of fabrics and materials.

    • No sacrifices are made compromising durability in favor of other properties
    • All products undergo strict quality control before market exposure
    • Our materials will stand heavy use, they do not corrode, oxidate or fade

    We use synthetic fabrics and materials for a reason. They possess qualities unachievable by natural fibers, with zero microplastic shedding. This gives Minimeis a lifespan resource consumption that is significantly less than if we used natural materials, contrary to common belief.

  • Active lifestyle

    We encourage a positive and active family oriented life in motion.

    • Unhealthy lifestyle is not sustainable, so get out there and enjoy your time together folks!
    • Positive habits and healthy family values will stay with our little ones their entire lives

    This is not "our" achievement, it is yours! But we like to think we can help out with a tiny bit of Minimeis inspiration along the way.

  • Gender equality

    Minimeis is developed by three Scandinavian dads, Julius, Marcus and Tarjei. When they became parents, equality in the parenting role came naturally. Being an important UN goal; our very nature promotes equality between the sexes.

    • There is a well documented link between gender equality, education, and reduced poverty.
    • It is a mindset that works, and it starts with values of mutual respect.
    • Keep in mind; countries and regions that have high levels of equality have higher levels of education and trust, and are therefore more prosperous than those who don’t.

    In Minimeis, we believe that equality between the sexes also means equality in the role of parenting. Active and respectful moms and dads are the foundation for equality between sexes for the rising generation.


Despite our shortcomings as a small passion driven organization, with limited resources; we intend to professionalize and formalise our efforts towards a more sustainable future.

We are currently working to become ISO 14001 certifed on our total sustainability work. This is an environmental management tool. Read more about this here.

We are merely at the start of our journey, but we have set some ambitious goals, which we believe are fully accomplishable. Although our means are limited, our size makes us agile with no internal hurdles.

We launch our projects in four steps ranked by importance, impact and efforts required.









    OEKO TEX and FAIR WEAR Certified



The “R”’s started by the commonly acknowledged 3; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, recognised by the famous recycle spiral symbol, which is commonly used to indicate something is recycled.

To clarify that our Full Product Lifecycle means more than just Recycling we now talk about the 5 R’s.

  • Reduce

    The sustainable idea of generating more value and keeping people at jobs while using less resources.

    Read more here: Longevity and Resources.

  • Recycled source
    • Synthetic products possess properties that make them almost everlasting
    • This is why Minimeis are made of synthetic materials; there really are no viable options
    • Fortunately, commonly used synthetic polymers can be recycled eternally without weakening, because the main molecules are reset every time
    • That is both good and bad; they can be recycled over and over again, but do not break down in nature.

    Minimeis are currently in the process of converting to all recycled raw material from post consumer source, particularly waste from the ocean partnering with Waste2Wear.

  • Recyclable product

    The same qualities that make Minimeis indestructible and almost everlasting also makes it non-biodegradable. Making synthetic products biodegradable requires an undesirable added enzyme process.

    • Should the product be damaged beyond repair and reuse, the product can again be split in parts (metal frame and synthetic main part) and recycled.
    • Minimeis are moving towards a fully recyclable monopolymer construction by 2023. This means that all the separable components are made by the same raw materials. Therefore; the product may not end up as landfill.
    • As a part of our ambitious eternal lifecycle program, we will by 2023 send all usable scrap and leftover material from production, back to our main source supplier and partner; Waste2Wear, and they will make new products of it.
  • Repair & reuse

    The MiniMeis shoulder carrier will outlast many childhoods, and it has a timeless character. However, we realize that people do not have children of the right age and size forever.

    • We encourage passing it on to siblings, neighbours, friends or relatives.

    If you are unable to pass the product on for some reason; minimeis will by latest 2024, establish a repair and re-distribution setup.
    Read about our main goals here.

  • Rethink & reverse

    “From reducing to reversing”.

    The main media focus has been about reducing our personal environmental footprints. Although all well and good; reducing is a relatively passive measure. At Minimeis we believe in Reversing as a more active aggressive approach.

    • Minimeis want to help clean up by creating a demand for waste.
    • We will make all our products from waste.
    • Preferably waste from the ocean, where we will reverse the harm to aquatic life.

    Plastic has become a major part of household waste also in countries that have no infrastructure on public waste handling. If plastic waste has a value, it will hopefully and likely not end up in the ocean in the first place, as deposit systems will emerge.

    At the moment the demand for goods made by waste is higher than the supply. This is another example that business opportunities are to be found from doing good, proving that cleaning up is not only an added cost.

    Our recycle programs are already in the making with our partner Waste2Wear, launching 2022.


Local is global. In other words; what you and I do locally has global consequences. We all share the same planet. Every little contribution counts, however insignificant it might seem.

Mapping our operational setup, we see that there are potential impacts and improvements to be found in every step of the process, making way for many positive projects of local, regional and global relevance.

MINIMEIS intend to lead by example.


  • Climate

    This topic needs more explanation.

    Bear with us and read. It might actually be interesting too.

    Global warming and climate changes caused by rising global temperatures from the “greenhouse effect” is not a new topic. It has been top of mind since the late 80’s, but the recent UN report states beyond question that it is more critical and more urgent than one has previously imagined. At Minimeis, we believe we need to act immediately.

    This is how we contribute:



    • Our mantra is to generate more value with less consumption, by using the “eternal lifecycle” framework in all we do.
    • In optimising the use of resources, we follow the principles of the 5 “R”s. Read more here.



    • By buying CO2 quotas; we invest in renewable energy development and green technology research.
    • We are transparent about all work in progress and which projects we end up investing in. Stay tuned
    • Investments in renewable energy, does not exempt our efforts to reduce consumption as the number one goal.

    There is unfortunately no simple one-sided solution to this most important challenge of our time. Although the key objective might seem obvious; to reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions...
    How to get there is surely more complex than it seems.

    The crux is; even putting one step in front of the other and catching a breath, emits CO2. Everything we do in our everyday life requires energy. Most energy sources are not “clean” and not Okay in the long run.

    This existential dilemma has created a generation gap:

    The younger generation wants to shut everything down, while the older generation put their faith in technology breakthroughs. The solution is likely, “as always”; somewhere in the middle, or a combination of both.

    By shutting down too soon, there will be no means left to find better long term solutions for humanity. Tossing the world into a downward spiral and back to poverty will likely create unmanageable social problems, which in the end solves nothing.

    The inspired civil disobedience by the young future consumers put focus on the obvious; Powerful conservative forces are pressured to think differently. Even if their only objective is making money; there will be no money where they used to be. They better realize that ASAP.

    Currently, one cannot undo emissions that are already made. There is however ongoing research both to reverse C02 levels in the atmosphere and caption and storage of C02 emissions. By offsetting CO2 emissions and buying quotas; what really happens is that one invests in renewable energy development and green technology research.

    This is why we believe that green solutions are opportunities, not costs. All investment money should move away from fossil sources, such as coal, oil and gas, and on to future proof renewable energy sources such as waterfall, solar power, wind power, wave power or thermal core power. Energy is in fact abundant. It is just untapped.

    Another major investment to reverse the negative development is fighting deforestation and developing new green forests, preserving swamp lands etc. Photosynthesis from all plants makes breathable clean air from Carbon Dioxide. Plant life is our global lungs.

    We hail the choir, and sing along. We will also march with the band. It is a long march.

  • Aquatic life

    From reducing to reversing - here we have identifed a way for Minimeis that can really make a huge impact. Starting now.

    Microplastics in the oceans are a major threat to aquatic life and the world’s population.

    Governments have proven a lack of will or ability to address the most visually apparent environmental problem; non biodegradable plastics taking over aquatic life.

    • We are therefore about to convert our raw material source to post consumer plastics from the sea
    • Instead of reducing our environmental footprint, we contribute to reverse it by generating a demand for beach, river and ocean waste plastics

    We believe that private enterprise and consumer demands have to step up.

    • When there is a demand, there will eventually be an offering.
    • If the plastic waste holds value, there will be a business opportunity in regions that does not have public waste handling.

    Hopefully, in time, the plastics will not end up in the ecosystem in the rest place.

    Read more about our new partner at

  • Water scarcity

    Water is not abundant in all regions of the world.

    • There is a global correlation between water abundance and prosperity.
    • Extensive use of water for manufacturing must be avoided.
    • Synthetic materials use less water for local production than natural fibers
    • Digital sublimation coloring uses next to no water for production.

    Minimeis’ products and manufacturing is currently undergoing a process to become Oeko Tex certified, both on finished products and the process of making them.

    No polluted spill water. Zero tolerance policy.

    Read more about Oeko Tex here.

  • Resources

    We help to fight overconsumption by creating long lasting value, avoiding overproducing and minimizing scrap.

    We follow these principles:

    • We design multiple season premium products that suffer from little to no leftovers
    • We avoid price dumping from obsoletion and overproduction
    • Manufactured goods are sold at “full prize” creating value and keeping people at work
    • Our recycling program is under establishment, expected launch in 2022
    • Cutaways and leftover components and fabrics from production will be sent to Waste2Wear for recycling and making new MINIMEIS products.
    • Returns and repairs are fixed and re-sold.

    Read about the global challenge of overconsumption here. See also the chapter on Lifecycle


  • Sourcing

    Sourcing of materials and fabrics are not straight-forward, and you need a close collaboration with your production partner to achieve full transparency. At Minimeis we work with Starry Group, a premium producer that is also one of our shareholders.

    Minimeis and Starry Group share the belief in full transparency and the use of premium non-toxic fabrics and parts. At Minimeis, we guarantee that:

    • All materials are sourced from our “vertically integrated” manufacturer, Starry Group or from leading sub-suppliers
    • All components are tested and certified, intended for baby-products and baby contact products
    • Proprietary molded components are made in-house under regulated conditions
    • All components are carefully monitored and checked before assembly

    We are currently converting our raw material sourcing and fabric sourcing to recycled Ocean Waste and post consumer recycled sources.

    Read more about our new partner at

  • Manufacture

    We not only care for the parents and kids using our products. We show equal care for the people making them, and the local environment.

    Minimeis’ products and production does not contain any harmful substances.

    • Internationally chemically compliant, according to REACH standard
    • BPA free, formaldehyde free, lead free, VOC free, phthalates free, and POP free.
    • The product is currently certified according to these standards: ASTM F2549−14a and EN 13209-1

    These standards regulate both chemical and functional product safety. Minimeis’ products and manufacturing is currently undergoing a process to become Oeko Tex certified, both on finished products and the process of making them.

    Read more about Reach standard and OEKO TEX

  • Packaging

    Packing is an area that many companies neglect.

    At Minimeis:

    • We use upcycled fabrics, for product packaging and protection. This means obsolete fabrics that otherwise would have become waste.
    • We optimise packing size by using soft packing
    • We use GRS (Global Recycled Standard) shipping bags.
    • - We source Ocean Waste raw material for shipping bags from our partner Waste2Wear

    For freight to our warehouses we use cardboard boxes that are made from recycled sources, and can be recycled again.

    Unfortunately, packing has an unavoidable impact, but one that we have worked to minimize.

  • Transportation

    Transportation has an unavoidable impact that can and must be marginalized… and offset.

    At MINIMEIS we have great room for improvement, and this is one of our main focus areas. Recently we established and implemented a setup and structure with regional warehouses in North America, EU and Asia. This imposes a greater stock risk than sentralising global shipment, and it adds complexity to the operation, but it is certainly a better solution than shipping each package by air across the globe.

    In addition we are:

    • Currently investigating and testing local slow freight options close to you.
    • Aiming to become carbon neutral, and freight is the main factor to work out.
    • Intending to soon start shipping the greenest way possible by default, and if you still want express service, you will have to pay extra for it, and we offset the footprint made by your choice.

    One cannot undo emissions made, but offsetting the emissions is about investing in green technologies. Read more about emissions and climate change here

    We are currently assessing; and we intend to offset our total operations through and

    More information on the work in progress and which projects we end up investing in, will come.
    Stay tuned.


To what purpose is everything if not to make people’s lives better. Erasing poverty and improving life quality on local, regional and global level is the United Nations’ Development goal # 1. Minimeis share the belief in the importance of this goal and will contribute in every way we can to improve things along our path. We believe that fighting poverty and sharing wealth is the route source of improving so many other things.

  • Well-being

    To guarantee the well being of the workers producing Minimeis, we have built a close relationship with our production partner Starry Group. We work with one supplier only; one that shares our values.

    • Starry Group is one of the world's leading suppliers and manufacturers of premium strollers and similar high quality equipment for kids.
    • Their factories are exceptionally well operated and are popular places to work.
    • Our manufacturing partner is certified according to these social audit systems: SMETA Sedex standard by GSCS and SA 8000 by INTERTEK

    Starry Group is naturally operating according to all product and production safety regulations and ILO Convention. Chemical and social standards are benchmark level. They provide a very good and healthy working environment, good pay and take an active positive role in their local communities.

    We are currently also working together to become Fair Wear certified.
    Read more about Starry Group here

  • Prosperity

    We believe in sharing, not by providing alms, but by making transparent business, wealth sharing and providing good jobs.

    • Making business is historically the most effective way of bringing people out of poverty.
    • Providing good jobs with decent pay and regulated healthy working conditions is key.
    • Transparency is one of the main drivers in wealth distribution.
    • The countries and economies that have the highest level of transparency, also have the highest level of trust which is a source for equality and then again; prosperity.
    • Corruption and the hidden economy is the opposite of transparency and wealth sharing.

    Minimeis will become member of Transparency International early 2022.

  • Factory

    Our most important assembly plant is located in Myanmar. Frankly, we are worried about the political situation there, as you are. Before the coup d'etat, conducting business in Myanmar was encouraged, and global trade agreements were all in place. Pulling out and abandoning the local people there is not a viable option at the moment.

    • We believe in making business, not war, as a way of lifting regions out of poverty
    • Our partner Starry Group is a well respected and well reputed cornerstone factory, with a no corruption policy, not located in a conflict zone.
    • Production and logistics are in fact operating flawlessly, and have suffered less than other regions in recent times.

    To further guarantee the well being of the workers at the factory and secure anti-corruption, third party audits are carried out as normal according to procedures described above under the section “Well-being"

  • Transparency

    Transparency is a mindset and a way of governing your operations. Another word for transparency is openness, which is the key driving force in human freedom. Being a Scandinavian company, transparency is an integral part of our DNA.
    At Minimeis:

    • Transparency starts with insight
    • Insights are required to make good decisions
    • Transparency applies both to both people management and resource management

    Information on all MINIMEIS’ Operations will soon be visible to all on this site.
    On a global level:

    • Transparency is one of the main drivers in wealth distribution
    • The countries and economies that have the highest level of transparency, also have the highest level of trust, which is a source for equality and then again; prosperity.
    • Corruption and the hidden economy is the opposite of transparency and wealth sharing.

    Minimeis will become a member of Transparency International early 2022.

As a recent startup our main challenge has been to give this unique product idea a proper commercial birth, and make a way of living off of it. In many ways; that is still where we are…

However; we have also started a journey towards becoming the best possible version of ourselves. As parents, but also as green entrepreneurs. We recently hired Alex to be responsible for our sustainability work. His ambitions are sky high.

Minimeis recognises that the way we operate in the world has a huge impact on the life of future generations. We strongly believe that it should be possible to run a profitable business without the overuse of the world's resources. By investing green we help to shift focus towards better solutions.

We have mapped out our ambitions above. There is a long way to go, but we will get there!

Disclaimer: many of these topics are interconnected, you may find some overlapping.